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Are your knees and back in so much pain that life is fast becoming something you endure vs. something you live for?

Do you feel this is a problem that is unsolvable?
If this is the case, YOU HAVE landed on the right page.

NOW is the time to get your knees and back out of pain and BACK in ACTION!

Hi! My name is Justin Orr.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been running a personal training business in San Diego, California. My passion and ability for health and fitness began at a young age, leading me to play football at the University of Notre Dame and train with multiple professional football teams, culminating at the 2002 Olympic Trials for USA Bobsled.

Life has taught me many lessons. One of which is that it will continuously bombard you without relief till you take action and counteract the things that are bringing you down.

Getting out of pain is easy. Swallow a pill. Take a nap. Get a massage. Do a few of the exercises in this program… Getting free from pain is a different thing altogether. This program will get you out of pain. My goal is to get you FREE from pain. Start with this program. It is $9.99. Message me and let’s start; I’ll add more as we go!
You CAN get out of pain. I did it! You can too. It’s going to take a little effort every day (just a little). This program will not inundate your life. However, if you want to unlock your body, feel free, and give yourself a fighting chance, then this is the beginning! It truly is. Just purchase the program for $9.99 and change your story. Do it now. These simple exercises will begin to unlock your body and make a difference. From there, we can stay in contact and if you want more exercises, I will send them to you.
There is a phrase, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. Let’s face it, the devil you know is constant pain. Constant pain has a very strong and convincing voice. It tells you that you shouldn’t try other things, as they won’t help. It tells you that you should not put in the effort; it won’t be worth it. It tells you that you deserve this pain for past mistakes or failures. I can tell you that I lived with this devil for 13 years. It’s very convincing. Get this program. It’s $9.99 for devil’s sake! Try it for a few days then message me. I can help you break free from this devil. I did!

Do you really need a 6-pack? Or do you just want to move without pain, have fun, and do the things you like?

These exercises will start the process that will ultimately unlock your body and get you back on track to being what you were made to be: GREAT!!

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Would you like to feel younger, more energetic, and take the more lucrative job because you HAVE MORE ENERGY and feel more alive? If you have retired already, how about building a physical nest egg to go along with your financial nest egg? THIS CAN BE YOU!

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Your don’t have to take our word for it; hear from people just like you who were once suffering from knee and back pain!

I was already personal training with Justin. One day he showed me the Bottle Opener back in the aerobics room, and I found immediate relief for my sciatica.

Glenn D.

Business Owner

I had debilitating back pain and it was affecting my everyday life. Justin got me out of pain after a few moves and I was back in the game that day!

Zach K.

Top Sales Rep & Former D1 Football Player

Serena, Former Pro-Surfer
Farhad, Financial Analyst
Bob, Executive

4 WEEKS FROM NOW would you like to be moving freely without knee and back pain, or still be in the same place you’re at now?

ONLY $9.99!

Justin Orr has helped hundreds of people reap the benefits of being pain-free and starting anew on their life journey.

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